Bring your Awards or Product Launch to life with a SPECTACULAR WIDESCREEN presentation

You'll be amazed at the size of the panoramic screens

You can have multiple screens arranged horizontally or vertically, in any shape or position Your audience will be stunned by the sheer brilliance of the experience. This is absolutely electrifying.

You have never seen anything this sensational before

They won't believe that such huge images can be so pin sharp. Hearts will pound as we mix projection, plasma screens, video, manipulated images and animation to a pumping soundtrack and light show. Award ceremonies and presentations do not come any bigger than this!

Alive Events use the WATCHOUT system which links digital projectors, each powered by its own CPU, to produce panoramic screens of virtually any size. Smooth edge blending is automatically applied to overlapping projection areas to produce seamless high definition images.

The example above uses a widescreen layout with 3 projectors and 4 plasma screens controlled by one system. A multi-layered panoramic image can run on the widescreen whilst multiple images run on the plamsa screens.